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Collision of tower cranes may occur when two or more cranes over-sail with each other, any crane over-sail to the site's boundary or to a prohibited zone. An example of a collision is the crane's hoisting hook block & cable collides with the main jib.


TAC-3000 is an easy to install anti-collision and zone protection control system for tower cranes in construction sites. The latest user-friendly design comes with an informative Active TFT colour LCD display for anti-collision system. It provides Anti-Collision Path Protection for construction sites with multiple tower cranes, Zone Protection from over-flying restricted zones, construction site Boundary Protection, Early Warning and Control for tower crane operations and operates in an advance Wireless Network System.

TAC-3000 is a safety and efficient monitoring system which helps to prevent serious and even fatal accidents which can be caused by human error. Hence, with this efficient helping tool, it increases site productivity and a safer operating environment.

TAC-3000 requires about 1 to 1½ days for installation and commissioning as compared to other tower cranes' anti-collision control systems requiring about 3 to 5 days.

Using the wireless uploading feature, our TAC-3000 allows the update of tower crane status almost instantaneously at no more than 30 seconds. This is a glaring comparison with other anti-collision systems which would require at least ½ to 1 day to "re-teach" all the tower cranes in the same anti-collision control zone in instances like after jacking up one of the tower crane's working height or when adding more tower cranes.

TAC-3000 also has a unique feature allowing the site boundary, tower cranes' position setting and prohibitive zones to be digitized into the computer program off-site in the office minimizing the commissioning time on site.

Apart from easy installation, TAC-3000 requires very minimum maintenance as there is no mechanical contact compared with some other anti-collision control systems which uses mechanical gear coupling to measure the rotation of the tower crane's slew ring.

TAC-3000 is also fitted with lightning surge isolator to protect the electronics equipment from damages by lightning strikes (unless a direct hit which will cause some damages but kept to a minimum). Majority of other tower crane anti-collision control systems do not have this built-in feature.

TAC-3000 also allows all the tower cranes in the same anti-collision control zone to work autonomously but maintaining real time interactive movements control with all the other tower cranes. In instances like overtime and maintenance work, TAC-3000 allows some tower cranes not required to operate to power down while allowing the operating tower cranes to maintain the anti-collision and zone protection functions. Most other anti-collision control systems would require all the tower cranes to be power up in order to maintain their anti-collision function or by by-passing the system for the operating tower cranes.

TAC-3000 allows wireless on-site monitoring using a notebook computer from a distance of up to 500 meters line of sight.

TAC-3000 allows a self-diagnostic test every 2 seconds. Any error detected would be shown on the monitor in front of the tower crane operator. He can then inform his supervisor to seek the service personnel's attention immediately.

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