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eBuild possess more than 18 years of relevant experience in the Automation and Control Industry and built more than 30 types of equipment which include over 50 types of system. Our business network has allowed us to support industries in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China (Guangzhou, Shanghai), Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam. We also participated in the co-production of control systems with OEMs from United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom and Singapore. Our expertise also includes design and manufacturing off-the-shelf control products for the automation industries.

Our capabilities include core competency in designing controllers, radio frequency (wireless) control devices, applications, embedded software and also designing of precision measurement devices for military use.

At eBuild, we recognize, adopt and hone new ideas, new technologies and new solutions in order to offer the most efficient solutions and services to our customers. We strive to meet customers specific requirements and also commited to empower our customers with the highest performance, reliability and ease of use tower crane anti-collision system.eBuild was set up to focus on worksite safety through reducing the risk of accidents. These can be achieved by instilling a high confidence level to crane operators and optimizing cranes working area coverage without jeopardizing of project schedules.

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