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Pre-programmed information ( reduces installation time by more than halve compared with other anti-collision control systems)
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Wireless setting ( done on ground level - reduces installation & down-time )
User friendly and informative Active TFT colour LCD display monitor
Distributed with high speed network ( simple hassle free installation due to less wiring )
Jib angle and Hook block ( Trolley ) distance display
Colliding tower crane indication & status
Multilingual windows application software ( English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, … etc )
Multiple channel wireless communication link
Minimum maintenance required and easy troubleshooting ( self diagnostic test every 2 seconds )
Potentiometric sensing for Trolley or Luffer elevation ( sharing of potentiometer used for moment load control system )
Contactless magnetic angle sensor
Mechanical interface to crane is NOT required ( filled with lighting surge isolators to protect the electronic equipment from damages by power surge during lighting strikes )
Fast response time ( 0.05 ~ 0.25 second )
System reusable for Hammer Head and Luffing Crane ( software selectable )
"Black Box" upgradable
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