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TAC-3000 can communicate wirelessly between tower cranes and preset any information wirelessly through PC. This TAC-3000 uses a 128-bit data encryption which has been incorporated into the software with a USB dongle and the TAC-3000 32-bit CPU to build a high security measure for the wireless upload.

TAC-3000 allows the site safety personnel to monitor and update the settings of the tower cranes protection wirelessly from ground level. For example, when jacking up the tower crane's height and to add additional protection zone, the site safety personnel will only require uploading the new height to the tower crane from his notebook PC without climbing up the tower crane for "re-teaching". This effectively reduces the down-time of the tower crane's operation.

Besides the advance wireless features, TAC-3000 has successfully eliminated the need to perform site "teaching" of anti-collision path. The site safety personnel just need to input the necessary information into his PC and wirelessly upload the settings to the tower cranes from ground level. This data input can be done off-site before the cranes are erected and thereafter can be uploaded once the tower cranes are ready for operation.

TAC-3000 has an exceptionally stable and accurate magnetic angle sensor that is specially designed to meet the toughest tower crane environment. This magnetic angle sensor will accurately feedback the relative jib position to the tower crane for anti-collision path detection.

The LCD display monitor installed in the operator's cabin is able to intelligently detect its own module failure and also the operation status of the other tower cranes in the same group.

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